BitTorrent 7.9.6 build 42179 Free Download

Freeware: This program is free software

A platform for sharing and accessing a variety of contents

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BitTorrent is advertised as a platform for everyone to share files with others. Usually, we tend not to trust such an advertisement. But in the case of this Peer to peer software, this advertisement is true.

BitTorrent is a free to use program that uses peer to peer sharing, which can lead to faster download speeds so long as other users are sharing the same file you want. With so many free peer to peer sharing sites and programs available such as uTorrent and Azureus, what makes BitTorrent stand out?

A smart and advanced platform

One might say that BitTorrent's lead over other P2Ps is hidden inside the intelligence of the program. Unlike other competitors, the software uses its intelligence to work out your internet speed and usage, so you may keep on downloading while streaming, gaming, or surfing

Of course, some will also claim that BitTorrent's lead over other sharing programs is because of BitTorrent is the creator of the open source protocol, which has helped lead designers to create other torrent programs. This simply means that users of BitTorrent will also have the most advanced and updated software out there.

BitTorrent has various bonuses over other, smaller programs, that essentially do the same thing. With more control and a more reliable media playing interface, this is a software that will appeal to many users on Windows and Mac for its safety features and long standing history in the peer to peer community. In addition, the user is granted a smarter platform that can be customized based on the host machine.

BitTorrent is the most reliable and advanced free sharing platform that many users will want.

  • Little configuration
  • Advanced search algorithm
  • Built-in player
  • Simple installation
  • Limited search option
  • Limited advanced functions

BitTorrent 7.9.6 build 42179 Free Download screenshot